Belgian Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and nutritie

Bespghan Fellowship Rules
Established by Bespghan Bureau (9/2012)


Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutritie will soon be recognized officially as a subspecialty in Belgium. Meanwhile members of Bespghan have practiced pediatric gastroenterology according to international standards since years. There is a need for a formal fellowship that corresponds to the training requirements described by the Belgian Academy of Pediatrics. Bespghan wishes to install a fellowship starting with the academic year 2012.


The Bespghan fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and nutritie will be a 2 year fellowship, in line with the requirements of the Belgian Academy of Pediatrics. The fellowship will be 2 years clinical training involving all the modules described in the training criteria by the Pediatric Academy, including a Bespghan clinical research project. The fellow will participate in the call schedule of the training hospital. Vacation will be in line with the rules of the hosting center and in proportion of the time spent in that service.

Training centers

All specialized Belgian centers can participate as host institutions, providing that they describe the modules they offer the trainee. The host institution will train the fellow for at least 3 consecutive months and will provide 50 % of the salary and social security.


Candidates will have completed at least 4 years board certified pediatric training or they will have complete a certified pediatric training. Candidates must hold a valid RIZIV/INAMI identification number. The candidate is selected by the Bespghan board. The candidate designs the fellowship program by choosing from the modules proposed by the training centers and will adhere to that choice. During the fellowship the candidate will participate in at least one Bespghan clinical research project that will be submitted for publication. Laboratory work or basic research will not be part of this clinical fellowship.
Exceptions regarding the duration of the fellowship can be considered when the candidate has already completed part of the training.

2012-2013 Dr Laurence Pratte
2014-2015 Dr Roseline Uwera
2016-2017 Dr Koen Huysentruyt
2018-2019 Dr Ann Van Gils


The fellow will (indirectly) receive a grant from Bespghan which will amount to 15 000 euro/year. This amount will cover salary only. As advised by SBB legal department, the candidate will be on the pay roll of the hosting institution. The grant will thus be transferred to the hosting institution while the candidate is working there(at least for 3 months periods). The host institution will provide insurance and other necessary costs.
Sponsors are committed to donate the amount of 2 500 euro/year for 2 years (total 5 000 euro) to support the first fellowship that commences September 1 200x, and ends August 31 200x+2.


The fellowship will be announced officially during the Bespghan Autumn meeting and on the web site. In general, the following timelines apply: Application forms will be available from mid November. The deadline for applications will be mid April. Applications will be reviewed by Bespghan council members. Candidates may be invited for interview. The decision will be announced by the end of April.